DISHA-1056 is a joint venture undertaken by National Health Mission ( NHM) and Department Health and Family welfare.It is a 24 #7 Tele- health Helpline providing guidance , counseling and information service on physical and mental health issues . Established on march 2013 , its is the State’s first such initiative Health Helpline  operating as a statewide BSNL free call services reaching all parts within Kerala and Lakshadweep.

Disha is a guild of highly skilled and experienced Socialwork professionals and doctors providing trustworthy and accurate information to promote a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention for those who are seeking answers to physical and mental health questions . Functioning in Technopark office of DISHA is well equipped and furnished through extensive use of proven software and use of appropriate information and communication techonologies to provide reliable and better services.


Our goal is to educate and empower society with relevant , authentic and validated health related information inorder to foster a better living and good health.


Our mission is to improve health status and quality of life of people by providing comprehensive health knowledge , proper guidance , emotional support and counseling to individuals , communities and societies on physical and mental health issues for the promotion of healthy lifestyle as well as social , physical and mental well being.


  • DISHA is proposed to provide timely and appropriate health related information and advice to people.
  • Providing information on health care service delivery , healthcare facility , information etc.
  • Providing health guidance/advice such as first aid, nutrition  and disease prevention etc.
  • To provide counseling support for people of all ages
  • Providing  information directory on public health services / providers/institutions / diagnostic services / hospitals etc. in Kerala.
  • Counseling by trained professional socialworkers on mental health issues such as stress , depression , anxiety , post trauma recovery , HIV , AIDS ,STI etc.
  • Offers specialist emotional support and information to anyone affected by mental illness  , this means helping people to deal with very difficult situation , thoughts and emotions.
  • Provides a variety of health services to meet different needs of users cost effectively.
  • DISHA also functions as a preventative service which aims to support people before they reach the point of crisis.